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A Variety of Window Blinds in Houston

The window treatments that you choose for your home are more than just a finishing detail to your dream house. They must be functional and able to stand up against the amount of wear and tear your household will put them through. They should also add to the overall look of your home. That's why so many homeowners turn to In House Design for window blinds in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas.

The thing to keep in mind is that your window blinds can be seen from both inside and outside your home, so they impact the exterior curb appeal as well as the interior design aesthetics. This is the type of thing that In House Design takes into consideration when helping you choose just the right window coverings. Part of of our job is to help ensure that you gain better knowledge about the options that you have, in order to select the perfect blinds. So whether you're looking for mini blinds or vinyl blinds, wood blinds or faux wood blinds, we've got you covered. Give our Houston shutters, shades and blinds experts a call today to schedule your free in-home consultation to see samples of our selection right in your own home.

Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds houston txReal wood blinds are often a popular choice, because of the unbeatable rich look of the finished product. Not to mention, this is a wise investment because it actually increases the property value of your home. The only drawback is that for some homeowners, this option is simply not going to work with their budget.

However, you can feel good knowing that the prices we offer and among the very best available. If anyone is going to be able to provide you with budget-friendly wood blinds, it would be our team.

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Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds houston txAnother option for anyone looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to real wood blinds would be faux wood blinds. They not only are more cost-effective than the real thing, they withstand certain conditions better.

Because they are a synthetic material, they can weather moisture, heat and humidity better than genuine wood. The best part is that they still look like the real deal so no one will know the difference, until you let them in on your secret.

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Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum Blinds houston txSome people still prefer the look and lightweight choice – aluminum blinds. They are budget-friendly, come in a vast assortment of colors and are fairly durable. They also are available in a variety of sizes, including mini blinds.

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Mini Blinds

Mini Blinds houston txThe perfect choice for tighter spaces are mini blinds. When every inch of every square foot counts, the wise choice to make is to go smaller. Of course, for many homeowners, it is the unique profile that is the real selling point.

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Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl Blinds houston txIn House Design is also the name that can provide you with the best quality vinyl blinds. Known for being the most cost-effective window treatment option, they are also flexible so that they do not get bent or creased, the way aluminum can. Contact us today for your free in-home consultation and let us educate you on the options that you have available to you.

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If you would like to see our selection of window blinds in Houston or nearby, please schedule an in-home consultation by calling 281-998-7777 or completing our online request form.

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